What people are saying about our work and service

 “Site looks great!!! Love you guys and can’t wait to go wheelin with you again!!”
Stan, “My job entails teaching others about aesthetics. Seeing your efforts, reminds me of a classic work of art. You perfectly demonstrate Louis Sullivan’s axiom “That form follows function”. Too many people confuse bling with beauty and to quote another architect, “Less is more”. Nice job.” Tom
“Stan’s build for my BJ42 was spectacular. His attention to form and function are a refreshing change compared to many of the cheap or “time saving” manufacturing standards of other fabricators. I specifically wanted Stan to be the person who put my cage together. There are very few people who I would trust my life to their skills. Stan is at the top of that list. I recommend Stan’s products to anyone looking for quality, solid custom build work.
I cannot say enough nice things about Stan and Heather and what they have going on at HFS 4×4. it was a 6 hour round trip but it was well worth the time. Stan is a top notch guy. Initial impressions of the work is great. Fit, form and function is great. There is a lot of attention to detail that goes into his work and it really shows.