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Drive line swaps, Vortec/LS motors

Axle/Brake rebuild

Body off, frame, axle, suspension taken to bare metal, re painted

Underbody stripped, coated with Lizard Skin and paint

Full engine compartment refresh, bare metal to paint

Standalone electrical systems to power accessories, dual batteries systems to light systems and coms.

Accessory Installation

We care about Cruisers around here, it’s an addiction of sorts. We name all our trucks, we’ll name yours too if you

haven’t already. It makes them easier to sort out in conversation too. We treat your truck like it is our truck only we

won’t go out and abuse yours on the trail. In most of what we do, the devil is in the details. Those little touches that

when added up make all the difference in how your vehicle performs, looks and feels. Form follows function around


Land Cruiser Specialists

Land Cruiser Specialists

HFS specializes in all things Land Cruiser with a focus on drive line swaps, suspension upgrades and overall

improved vehicle performance. We are here to bring your truck into the 21 st century yet still keep that LC feel that

drew you to it in the first place.

We can help you take your truck to whatever level you wish. We install bumpers, sliders, skids, roof racks, winches,

seats and harnesses, lighting, and communications. Custom fabrication work is never a problem here at HFS so do

not be afraid to ask for something you can’t find. We can also accommodated body &paint as well as interior.

An HFS Vortec or LS swap will take your Land Cruiser up a notch. The benefits of an LSX based swap are many.

The benefits are generally not noticed as much off road as they are in the daily driver and cross country mode on

most trucks. Things we take for granted in our newer SUVs and PUs like merging onto the interstate at 70MPH and

not having to draft semis while climbing in the mountains are now the norm in you vintage Land Cruiser. Parts

availability at every box store across the country is a huge benefit as well. All swaps, electrical upgrades,

mechanical upgrades are done with long term reliability and maintainability in mind.

Quality Workmanship!

Quality Workmanship!

“The power of the Vortec swap is an unbelievable upgrade, truly. I’ve owned this FJ since new in ’89, but this is a whole new world!”

Justin, Charlotte, NC

“Stan’s build for my BJ42 was spectacular. His attention to form and function are a refreshing change compared to many of the cheap or “time saving” manufacturing standards of other fabricators. I specifically wanted Stan to be the person who put my cage together. There are very few people who I would trust my life to their skills. Stan is at the top of that list. I recommend Stan’s products to anyone looking for quality, solid custom build work.
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HFS Ranger Build

GM Vortec Conversion

Hardline Fabrication Services Ranger Build from Hardline Fabrication Services on Vimeo.


Custom Land Cruisers Built To Your Specs!

Specializing in GM Vortec conversions

HFS is a small shop that takes pride in turning your Land Cruiser into the rig you always dreamed about. Whether you want a 5.3L Vortec swap in your own rig or a complete turn key truck we can build your dream for you. We’ll build you a truck that can take you well past the next decade.