HFS Shop Services



Drive line swaps, Vortec/LS motors


Axle/Brake rebuild

Axles and brakes are often a long neglected item on most Cruisers.  This gets more critical if you are adding more power with a swap.  We can do anything from a simple OEM rebuild to upgrades of axles,  birfs and brakes.  We can also refurbish your parts, stripping away all rust and paint and re painting.  Many trucks roll out of here looking show room new, with parts to match including all new bearings and seals.

Brakes Rear Brake Before

Rear Brake After



Body off, frame, axle, suspension taken to bare metal, re painted

 If taking your truck to the next level is part of your overall build plan we can accommodate your needs. 



Underbody & Interior

Stripped, coated with Lizard Skin and paint

Full engine compartment refresh, bare metal to paint

Standalone electrical systems to power accessories, dual batteries systems to light systems and coms. 

All swaps come with all new primary battery cables and multiple grounds.  All wiring done at HFS is done completely standalone in nature.  
Accessory Installation is powered by new fuse/relay centers and wired with completely removable harnesses with weather proof connectors. 

We care about Cruisers around here, it’s an addiction of sorts. We name all our trucks, we’ll name yours too if you haven’t already. It makes them easier to sort out in conversation too. We treat your truck like it is our truck only we won’t go out and abuse yours on the trail. In most of what we do, the devil is in the details. Those little touches that when added up make all the difference in how your vehicle performs, looks and feels. Form follows function around here.