HFS Rear Bumpers

Off road 4×4 Rear Bumpers custom built to your spec

HFS Rear Bumper – Toyota 4Runner

Replacing the Toyota 4Runner rear bumper is a bit of a challenge. The 4Runner OEM rear bumper for this vehicle DOES NOT attach to the frame. You read that right. Both the rear and side sections of the bumper attach to the body. This explains why you see heavy body damage and popped out windows in 4Runners that have been rear ended in accidents.

This is our tube style rear bumper for the 3rd Generation Toyota 4Runner.

Build Photos:

We boxed out the weak rear section of the frame to begin with to provide stout mounting points for the bumper. This bumper has six mounting points to the frame. The side sections of the bumper tie back to the side of the frame and there is a corresponding brace on the inside of the frame that also supports the 2” receiver tube you see in the center of the bumper.

The swing out swings on a 4X4 Labs HD spindle. The free end of the swing out rests on a cradle and is locked down with a cam bolt when closed. This system not only locks down the arm it also supports weight and assures longevity of the swing out.

This bumper is all 1.5” and 1.25” X. 188” wall DOM tube and ¼” plate. Shackle points are ¾” wide and made to handle shackle pins a bit over 7/8”. The Jerry Can rack is removable and there is a locking pin on the spindle that locks in both open and closed position.

Pricing for HFS Rear Bumper – Toyota 4Runner

This bumper installation requires the vehicle to be in the shop.

  • Rear Bumper only – $1,200.00
  • Rear Bumper w/Swing out – $2,300.00

HFS Rear Bumper with Swing Out- Toyota FJ60/FJ62 Land Cruisers

This rear bumper not only replaces your stock bumper on the Toyota FJ60 or FJ62, it also provides vital quarter protection on the side of your truck. The rear bumper can be purchased alone or with a swing out. The rear bumper is mounted to the frame ends as well as additional supports from the quarter protection to the side of the frame.

This is our tube style rear bumper with swing out arm for Toyota FJ60/FJ62 Land Cruisers.

Build Photos:

Bumper features:
-1.5” X .188”wall 1020 DOM main tube
-1.25 X .188” wall 1020 DOM lower tube
-1.5” X 2.5” .188 wall rectangular tube cross member
– ¼” mounting points to frame
– 8-1/2” grade 8 mounting bolts
– 12- 3/8” grade 8 mounting bolts
– 2” receiver
– 2- ¾” thick shackle mounts

Swing Out features:
– 3,500 lb ball bearing supported spindle
– ½” grade 8 cammed latch
– Set up to hold your choice of tire size
– Locking pin to hold swing out at fully closed and open positions
– Optional Jerry can rack
– Optional ladder
– Optional Hi lift mount

Pricing for HFS Rear Bumper – Toyota FJ60/FJ62 Land Cruisers

  • Rear Bumper only – $945.00
  • Swing Out add’t – $875.00
  • Jerry Can Rack – $225.00
  • Ladder – $225.00
  • High-lift Mount – TBD

HFS Rear Bumper – FJ Cruiser

Rear bumpers for the newer Toyota FJ Cruiser come with an entire new set of circumstances to deal with, in two words, curves and plastic. The rear cross member is uneven and the plastic on the corner under the tail lights is one big piece from one side to the other – not the best set up for protecting your FJ Cruiser on challenging off-road trails.

Here is our rear bumper for the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Custom Rear Bumper from HFS

HFS’s came up with the this rear bumper by achieving the design objectives of improved departure angle, maintained back up sensors, frame rail and cross member mounting points, retain large plastic corner section, removable 2” receiver using same mounting location as OEM, recovery points tied straight to the frame, additional back up lighting and a swing out that carries spare, jerry cans and jack.

Pricing for HFS Rear Bumper – FJ Cruiser

This bumper can be produced with or without the swing out.

  • Bumper only – $1,525.00
  • Bumper w/Swing Out – $2,400.00