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Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60/FJ62 Front Bumper

One of our first custom front bumpers was for a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60/FJ62. The customer wanted a “Minimalist” design to the front of his rig that was lightweight and tough. The specs for the build included a mount for a winch above the frame rails, strong recovery points and as few bars as possible to keep lightweight and maintain his current gas mileage. Our tube design and fabrication accomplished all of this. He was so happy with the custom front bumper and it was so well received by others, we decided to make it one of our stock bumpers.

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We can build this bumper design or make the changes and upgrades you require.
Tube bumper, 1.5” and 1.25” X ,188” wall 1020 DOM tubing. All plate is 1/4”.
Price does not include additional shipping costs.

Starting at $725.00

NEW! Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60/FJ62 Front Bumper

This is our latest font bumper design for the FJ60/FJ62 series Land Cruiser. We wanted a bumper that would support a winch down between the frame rails to remove any leverage that a top frame mounted winch would create. We also needed stout shackle mounts for recovery use as well. The bumper is also designed to provide the best approach angle possible while still providing protection for the front of the truck.

HFS Toyota FJ60 / FJ62 Land Cruiser Front Bumper

More Photos:

The main horizontal tube is 1.5” X .188” wall 1020 DOM tube, the lower horizontal tube is 1.25” X .188 wall 1020 DOM. The stinger and it’s angled supports are 1.5” X .120” wall 1020 DOM. Mounting plates and winch mounts are all ¼” steel plate. The shackle mounts are ¾”.

This bumper can be built as shown or we can make the changes you require for your specific application. The changes can be as simple as a set of light tabs or perhaps remove the stinger and replace it with a lower hoop at winch height. Note that the winch shown in the photos is a Warn Powerplant HD. This is a HUGE winch, 12.000 lb with an air compressor built in.
Price does not include additional shipping costs.

Starting at $845.00